Do your investor communication efforts need a boost?

Why do things the old way?  The old way of disseminating information via paper and websites is becoming less and less effective.  Take a look at any busy public place and you’ll see the new way:  people are engaging with apps.  Not paper.  Not even mobile websites, but apps.  In fact, studies show that people are three to four times more engaged on their mobile apps than a mobile website (source Adobe).   Not only that, but “mobile financial apps take the top spot” for the type of app people open most frequently.  And financial apps are used “30% more frequently than any other app type.”

Here is the lesson:  If you want engaged investors, you need an investor relations app.

Do your investors understand the vision and strategy of your company?

In addition to quantitative data, investors need to be sold on vision and strategy.  You need to tell the story of your company, and there is no more compelling medium for storytelling than an engaging and interactive investor relations app.  Apps can create a compelling, interactive experience for storytelling, using text, visuals, and sound to communicate a variety of data and ideas.  Video can be particularly compelling when embedded in your app to sell your vision (one of our specialties).

Ideally, investors should receive and understand all of the information you distribute.  But what’s stopping them?   Time and Effort.

Time.  People are more pressed for time these days, spending less time watching TV or using their computers.  They’re constantly on the go, but one thing they take with them is their Smartphone.  Why not check the stock price while waiting in line, read a short article, or watch a short video with headphones while waiting at the gate.  By putting investor information in an app that’s easily accessible and always with them, you can take advantage of the little bits of time they have available.

Effort.  Nobody likes to do things that take effort, and studies show that if you want people to do something, you have to make it easy.  If checking a stock price on a computer takes five clicks, a text search, and two more clicks, that’s a lot of effort.  With a mobile app, we can show them what they want in as little as one tap.

Imagine how much happier you’ll be as an investor relations professional if you are able to communicate the value of your company’s stock effectively. You’ll also be reaching people with the new tools used in the 21st century.  By spearheading an app that improves your stock’s visibility, you’ll also be improving your own visibility.  See “halo effect” below.

Other reasons for an investor relations app

Happy IR Professional with Increasing Stock Price

Be seen as using the latest tools and technologies.  If your company is seen by the market as a more traditional company, an app might be just the thing to show that you are nimble and forward thinking.  Developing an app will also provide perspective and get you more involved with current digital technologies that will generate more ideas, all of which can help you stay relevant.

Enhance perceptions.  In marketing and advertising there is something called the “halo effect,” where if you associate yourself with something positive, positive perceptions tend to rub off on you.  Let MobileCast Media develop an iOS (Apple) app for your company, and you will be associated with the world’s #1 brand (Apple) which can improve the brand perception of your company and stock.

Staying power.  Your icon lives on your investors’ phones.  Studies show that these are not readily deleted but are retained for long periods of time.  Each time they see it, it makes an impression.  The more impressions you make, the more familiar they become, and investors buy stocks that they are familiar with.

Why MobileCast Media?

Your app needs an outstanding UI/UX (user interface and user experience).  At MobileCast Media, we know the industry’s thought leaders on UI/UX and are experts at creating outstanding interfaces and user experiences.

Your app needs to perform exceptionally well.  A good user experience means extremely fast response times, and this is done with caching.  This is also why HTML5 apps won’t work.  People don’t want to wait three or four seconds between taps or for a video to download.  Doing caching well is difficult, but after nine years we are masters at mobile caching and can make your app perform seamlessly.  Whether text, audio, or video, we will make your app a top performer which your investors will be happy to use.

You need digital storytelling.  To create value for your investors, just any investor relations app won’t do.  Digital storytelling plays a critical role.  At MobileCast Media, we’ve been telling compelling stories on mobile devices for as long as mobile audio and video have been available, nine and seven years respectively.  In fact, what we created for mobile was so good, it has been shown on theaters across the country, at the AT&T park Jumbotron, and on PBS.

Screenshot of Investor App

You want to keep apps core to your business.

You need to get the app to your investors.  You need excellent marketing help.  We have been marketing digital assets in the iTunes store since 2005 and have been featured on the iTunes homepage.  We understand consumers and the digital ecosystem.  MobileCast Media can get your app onto the right devices and provide the visibility you need.

You need value and ROI.  We can outperform an in-house team.  Hiring mobile talent has always been a problem. The best folks have long been scooped up by tech high fliers, and they’ve been locked down by stock options.  If you hire what’s left, it takes a long time to get up to speed, and this ends up costing a lot of money.  Ask us, and we’ll show you instances where in-house teams have cost up to ten times more than hiring us.

If you want to keep mobile apps core to your business, you can hire your mobile team and then use us to supplement them.  We can substantially improve your time-to-market and reduce costs.  Your capabilities will be ramped-up much more quickly.

You need a vendor with experience.  At MobileCast Media, we’ve worked with NeoPhotonics (NPTN), shown left, to create an investor relations app that led to positive analyst coverage and improved stock performance.  We have also worked with a number of companies including Ericsson, Cisco, Teledyne Dalsa, Covidien, San Francisco Opera, Aruba Networks, Audi, Skyy Spirits, and Accenture to create marketing and branding apps and engaging content that have increased sales and reduced marketing expenses.


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