Parse: Another BAAS Bites The Dust

By John Houghton on February 16, 2016

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When my team was writing a particular data-driven app last year, we had a number of options for setting up our back-end.  A lot of companies use backend-as-a-service (BAAS) providers to simplify back-end development, for example, hosting the server, database, and writing the APIs.  There was a lot of pressure for us to go with Parse, a BAAS company bought by Facebook in 2013.  Running a BAAS company can be a thankless task and I noticed that they frequently go out of business as StackMob did in 2014. 

It’s important for a BAAS to have great backing and Facebook is a top brand, so Parse was in great shape there.  The ease of use in developing with Parse was the main attraction, but I had noticed on other apps that we worked on which used Parse, the back end wasn’t that reliable and went down a lot.  That was one reason for not going forward with Parse, but the main reason was we wanted to control our own destiny, rather than be subject to the whims of a large company. 

I was shocked to learn last week that Parse is shutting down.  Unless app stakeholders take action, their apps will no longer work at this time next year.  What a bummer for anyone who trusted Parse!  Thousands of lines of code need to be rewritten for this app. 

In the end we went with a PHP/mysql back end that used bootstrap for the web-based management console.  The front end for the user is native iOS.  I’m so glad we made the choice to write our own back-end! 

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