iPhone App Screen Mockup.

iPhone App Development

iPhone is usually the first device that developers make apps for. It frequently provides the biggest bang for the buck. Although there are fewer iPhones than Android phones, people tend to use their iPhone apps more. The reasons are not clear, but one compelling reason is the iOS (iPhone) apps need to go through Apple's approval process.

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Android Smartphone App.

Android App Development

There are more Android smartphones than any other type in the world. If you want to get wide coverage, you must develop on Android. If you started with iPhone, you can reuse the design, but the code needs to be rewritten.

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iPad weather mobile app.

iPad App Development

iPad is a specific class of device, and to do it right, requires its own treatment. Users spend longer periods of time reading and watching videos on the iPad. To be successful on a large scale, you need to think separately about your iPad app and not just copy from your iPhone design.

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Android Tablet App Development.

Android Tablet Development

Android tablets are unique and have specific applications. It is possible to make an Android app such that it only runs on tablets and not smartphones. For Android tablets, there are a number of screen sizes, aspect ratios and pixel densities. Android projects tend to be programmed more quickly, but the headache is testing and making it work on all of the different devices.

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