Thinking about an iPad project?

Are you in the process of reviewing iPad app development companies? We know the challenges of finding a good developer these days. If you look at hiring trends, you’ll see that hiring for mobile developers has gone through the roof.  Some of the biggest names in software (Facebook, Google) are pushing for immigration reform for this reason. Even with app developers, it is true that you have to know someone. Well, now you do! MobileCast Media is a qualified iPad application development company with exceptional developer talent.

developing an app on the iPad

We take out the complexity out of developing an app for you. People always say it is fun to research and learn about mobile development, and that’s only recommended if you have time. If you have a core business to look after, you can’t get distracted. Mobile app development (including tablet and iPad development) is a trade unto itself. Not only is the initial learning curve time-consuming, but also it requires time and effort to keep up. That’s what we get paid for. With 8 years of mobile experience, this is our specialty, and by hiring us you will get a much better results, without the headache.

We are strategic thinkers and can help you think differently about what your business could be in the mobile ecosystem.  Imagine all of the important indicators in your world being able to give you feedback toward your goals, whether it’s your manufacturing operations, social apps, or location-based services.

What’s Different About MobileCast Media?

We listen.  The listening starts the first time we meet you, and then when you hire us, we listen to your customers and stakeholders.  We seek to understand the root of the problem we’re solving and then use strategy, research, and collaboration to find and build optimal solutions.

We follow through.  A lot of iPad app development companies don’t follow through very well, but we take the extra time to make sure our deliverables are what you asked for. This might mean extra rounds of testing for your iPad app, checking with your customers to see if this is how they really want it, or making sure the project is delivered on time.

We’re interested in your success.  With iPad app development, if you’re successful, we’re successful.  We’re not just looking to serve your needs, we also want your app to go as far as it can go, because that builds our resume as well as yours.  We’re here to build our reputation as value creators, and that also works in your interest!

How We Approach iPad App Development

man holding an iPad while testing an application being developed

iPads have much more real estate than iPhones, and the navigation conventions are different.  Whereas the iPhone takes tasks across many screens, Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines frequently call for the iPad to use a split view, which consists of two panes. Apple also asks us to move functions into popovers, which are available only on the iPad and not on the iPhone. While it is possible to run iPhone apps on the iPad as 1x or 2x the size, this frequently won’t be pleasing for your users.  When developing an iPad application, it must be designed natively for the iPad.

The New iPad Has Double the Resolution

An added consideration is that when we design graphics for the iPad, we design them at two different sizes.  While the iPad 1 and 2 have a screen of 1024 x 768, the new Retina iPad has a resolution of 2048 x 1536.  The screen doesn’t look any bigger, but the image is twice as sharp.  Also keep in mind that the new iPad has a much faster processor, so if we’re developing an app that is processor intensive, it has to perform well on the older iPads as well.  Writing clean code is imperative to app performance, and that is our specialty.


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