Using the iPad as a Sales Tool to Increase Revenue

By John Houghton on December 7, 2012

Using an iPad over coffee.

Modern companies are finding that the iPad can be a great tool for increasing sales effectiveness.  Because of its compact form factor, ease of use, and ability to supplement the sales process, the iPad is making its way into the average sales rep’s arsenal.

Seeing is Believing

It’s a new way of presenting that combines two of the strongest sales tools: the personal meeting, and visuals.  Many of us know that we’re much better off having a conversation with the chief influencer rather than engaging a group in a one-way PowerPoint presentation.  The only downside of a conversational meeting has been that we couldn’t easily show our prospect visuals that cement our sales points.  Enter the iPad.  […]

How to Maximize Reach of Your Podcast via Syndication through iTunes and Social Networks

By John Houghton on January 4, 2011

World with spreading trajectory.

Updated For 2014: Gain maximum audience exposure and search rankings with these techniques

So you’ve decided to launch a podcast, and now you want to be sure to get as much return as possible for all the effort you’re putting into it by distributing it as widely as possible.  Deciding how to syndicate (distribute) your podcast is a very important consideration, and can make the difference between a popular podcast that gets traction or one that never gets off the ground.  This article is about how we do syndication at MobileCast Media, and it’s information you can use to build a larger audience with your podcast.

How Are Podcasts Distributed?

Podcast listings are placed into podcast directories, such […]

Podcasting Empire Built on Tech Talk – 3 Keys to Success

By John Houghton on December 30, 2010

Podcast graphic.

This week, the New York Times wrote a story on Leo Laporte, host of the podcast “This Week in Tech,” generating 250,000 downloads per week, yielding him millions in advertising revenue.  Sounds pretty easy, right?  Leo’s is an exceptional story, but if you love podcasting and you stick to these tips, you can build an audience which can lead to revenue and influence, or can help promote your company’s products and services.

First Key To Success:  Understand Your Audience.  It is very important to understand your audience needs and interests and how they go about fulfilling their information and/or entertainment needs.  When choosing a topic for your program, there is a lot to think about.  Podcasting […]

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