Payment System Turns People Into ATMs

By John Houghton on November 18, 2014

Hello Bit Payment System

One of the things I love about conferences like DEMO Fall 2014 is they get you outside of your normal way of thinking, and that’s what is necessary to be truly innovative. Who ever thought of turning people into ATMs? It’s pretty crazy and it could either go wrong or it could go right. Just like the mobile carriers were disintermediated by WhatsApp, this payment solution by Ali Goss of HelloBit could push banks aside for at least one of their services – money transfer.

International money transfer processes are full of friction.  It’s hard to pay vendors overseas, there are hefty fees involved, and it usually requires a special trip to the bank where you fill out a long form.  For some reason, my international vendors don’t take PayPal.  One time I sent a check to my team in Poland and they were very sad because it can take up to 6 weeks to clear – I didn’t know it would take so long.  Watch the video below:


Platforms like these provide a solution to those transferring money, and it makes it especially economical for sending small amounts of money.

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